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Nine Patch Quilt
By Edna Wood

Growing up as a child in Pt. Pleasant my mother and I were especially close, since I was the only girl with 5 older brothers. She taught me sewing very early in life, which was very necessary in that day and time. Sewing was practical, necessary and rewarding for that generation.

The “Improved Nine Patch” was one of the first quilt blocks I learned to sew, after learning to match the 5 printed blocks with the 4 plain blocks to make a square. A lot of feed sacks were used, with it being very important that all colors matched because we all
knew the quilts were to be used for a long time. A great deal of trading went on between neighbors and friends to get just the right match and everyone helped each other with colors, sewing and quilting. Some of the first quilts I helped with were hand tied with a
cotton blanket in the center for batting, or as a lining for the quilt.

Over the years my desire to make quilts has been fulfilled many times, but the nine patch has long been a favorite of mine. I have pieced several blocks of this quilt from leftover material from our girl’s dresses, some from draperies, curtains and other quilts that were made and given to family members.

The 9 Patch Pattern is one of the oldest in the “old-time” quilting records. It can be set vertically, horizontally or diagonally; it can be mixed prints or patterns or, one of a kind. There was a dress factory in Pt. Pleasant during the l940’s and local quilt makers went
there and purchased (or was given, if there was an abundance of fabric) left-over prints from the mass cuttings of the house-dresses that were produced. It really was one of the biggest assets to the city at the time. Some of the prints my mother received from that
factory are in this quilt.

Bob and I are fortunate to have received several quilts from Bob’s mother, Letha Wood. They are especially beautiful and cherished. In the l950’s and 60’s there were no kingsized beds so some of the quilts are small for today’s beds. This quilt should be large
enough for the queen/king size.

This past week, I completed another 9 Patch quilt, and think it is as pretty as practical for every day use; that is the reason for the machine quilting. Bob & I both hope whoever wins the quilt, will think of the history of this great pattern and enjoy it. Remember, “He who sleeps under a quilt, sleeps under love.”


Christmas is a beautiful time of year in the Chester Courthouse, it is adorned as it could have been during the 1800's.  An old fashion Christmas theme is carried out each year.  The old courthouse is enhanced throughout with decorations, and a tree decorated in a Williamsburg style. Candles are omitted due to fire hazard. CSHA has been fortunate to have a large Christmas tree each year since 2001. The tree in the picture above is a beautiful 11 ft. fur tree or a long needle spruce, thanks to our special donor.

The first Saturday of December the Eastern Bell Choir presents a Christmas concert. Sunday  is a fun afternoon for young children, with Christmas stories, music, and time to make a Christmas craft, for each child to take home. Refreshments are served each day.

The Chester-Shade Historical Association wishes everyone and Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy year. A visit to the Chester Courthouse is a great way to open your Christmas Season. Plan to attend this December.

Flash movie from the dedication

The attorneys heard oral arguments at the Chester Courthouse May 23, 2008
. It is the first time since June 30, 1841 that an official court proceeding has been held here, according to Steven L. Story.

The appeals court is made up of four judges: Presiding Judge Peter B. Abele of Athens, Administrative Judge William H. Harsha of Chillicothe, Judge Roger L. Kline of Circleville, and Judge Mathew W. McFarland of Portsmouth. The Judges work daily from chambers in their home counties, but hear oral arguments on a traveling basis, as a true circuit court.

The Court directly reviews all cases heard or tried in lower courts in which a decision is being appealed, regardless of the nature of the case. Ohio guarantees the right to an intermediate appeal, unlike other states, including West Virginia, Story said.

Cases argued during the day included civil and crunubak cases from Athens , Gallia,, and Meigs counties. The district is made up of Meigs and 13 Counties: Adams, Athens, Gallia, Highland, Hocking, Jackson, Lawrence, Pickaway, Pike, Ross Scioto, Vinton and Washington.  Judges usually only visit a county to hear arguments if three or more cases are scheduled.  Story said the appeals court has not heard arguments at the Meigs County Courthouse in several years.

Following the official proceedings, the Meigs County Bar Association presented the appeals court and the Chester-Shade Historical Association with plaques commemorating the proceedings.