Join The Chester-Shade Historical Association
If you would like to join our organization the cost of:
Adult Membership is $10.00 a year
Student Membership is $1.00 a year
Your memberships help support our educational projects for students in Meigs Local School District, Eastern Local School District and Southern Local School District. Examples of a few projects are Civil War Re-enactors that go into the schools to give demonstrations on the Civil War and speak to the students about the Life of a Civil War Soldier, Union and Confederate; Student Essay projects on different cultures during the 19th and 20th centuries; speakers on Community History and dialects, old roads and many other programs.
If you have a program that you would be interested in and like us to present, please send your idea in with your membership to Chester Shade Historical Association.

Please mail your check to:
Chester Shade Historical Association
P.O. Box 44
Chester, OH 45720