Genealogy Fair

Saturday September 16, 2017

The 2017 Genealogy Fair will be held at the newly restored Chester Academy which sits on the hill beside the Chester Courthouse in Chester, Ohio.  The hours will be from 9AM-4PM.

The fair is for beginning and experienced researchers.  There is no admission charge. 

The fair will be held in the top floor which gives much more room for both the Genealogy Library and for those attending the fair.  There is no handicapped access to the top floor, but the ground floor will also be available for anyone who cannot climb stairs.  There will be a catalog of research materials available and volunteers will bring research materials down to anyone who needs them. 

There are several old books that have old tax records, court records  poll records, etc.  This is not a complete set of books but each book contains a wealth of information.

Our Genealogy Library has an extensive collection of materials for Meigs County and the surrounding areas, especially Athens, Gallia, and Mason Counties.  We also have several PA books and some German books for Oppau and Ludwigshafen.  We have thousands of obituaries covering a period of 1840's to 2009.   The collection is not a complete collection of all obits from that period, but it is growing.  We also have a nice collection of family histories,  Meigs County Death Certificates from 1909 to the 1930's,

We have a Researchers' Log available to sign or to search to see if anyone else is researching your families.

Several services are available for a reasonable fee: copying, laminating, binding, etc.

Wireless Internet is also available.

Food will be available all day.

Come and enjoy a day of research and maybe meeting "family". For more information, contact  Kaye Fick (740) 985-4115


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